Unable to listen on a TCP network socket

Dear all,

I am trying to submit a job which needs to listen on a TCP network socket on Windows.
The .bat file that runs the job works fine when run from the command line.
However, when the .bat file is submitted with qsub on Windows, it fails to open the TCP network socket with an “unknown error”.
I am running the PBS_COMM, PBS_MOM, PBS_SCHED and PBS_SERVER services on the same machine where I am submitting the job.
Jobs which do not need to open a TCP network socket work just fine.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, kind regards.

Hi @ptosco, do you have any application log that captures more details? In general batch programs in PBS should be able to do network stuff - indeed the MPI programs are all about networking code. There could be some permission issues on windows. We will need to run a test program and check.


Hi @subhasisb, I will prepare a small, self-contained test case for you. Will be in touch shortly. Thanks a lot for your swift reply.

Thanks, that would be a great help.

Hi @subhasisb. I figured out myself why this happens. I raised a JIRA issue: PP-1126

Awesome @ptosco. We will have a peek at the issue. Thanks a bunch.