2-cpu executor host

I am new on PBSPro and I’m trying to understand if is possible to create two vnodes each tied to one of the two cpu multi-core on executor node.
I understand my sistem is not ALtix so I suppose the only way is to make use of so called version 2 config file
in wich I can define node1-0 and node1-1 that are two nodes related to a real host node1.
In particular I would be sure that each of these virtual nodes is tied to one cpu: is this feasible?
Can you help me?

1, your application/library should be able to pin the process to the correct core, the resource definitions helps PBS to schedule jobs on to respective resources defined by the node configuration.
2. in your version 2 config file you can oversubscribe/under-subscribe the resources/HT enabled/disabled.
3. creating vnodes (your use case) does not guarantee that each node is mapped to one specific core in a Dual core system.
a. one needs to write scripts which will tells the specific core id and updates the version 2 config file
b. write PBS hooks to check which core-id is free like the concept of CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICE) and update the node configuration
- user should request this core-id in the qsub statement and the application should use this core id to tag its process to the correct core on that processor

Also you can check out Cgroups: Adding support for cgroups