Advance Reservation

Hi Team ,

Need your assistance in configuring advance reservation.

Environment Details
1 Master node
1 Login Node
8 GPU Node
Mellanox EDR

Thank You
Atul Yadav
Locuz HPC Team

commands related to reservation: pbs_rsub, pbs_rstat, pbs_rdel

man pbs_rsub would give all the options.

Requesting a reservation on March 02, 2018 with a start time of 5:00 PM, an end
time of 5:30 PM, and 4 chunks of 4 CPUs, memory 8GB per chunk, using 1 chunk
per vnode:

pbs_rsub -R 201803021700 -E 201803021730 -l select=4:ncpus=4:mem=8GB;place=scatter
( modify this statement to match your resource request )

Upon submission
R100.pbsworks UNCONFIRMED

You can use pbs_rstat to check the status of the reservation
Once confirmed you can use pbs_rstat -f R100 to get the details about the reservation

Please check the PBS Professional administration guide available from this link,-Documentation

Advance reservations are created by job

    They are described in
  the PBS Professional User's Guide, Chapter 7, "Reserving Resources Ahead of Time".

      This guide is a              vailable on the same

web page.

HI Team,

Thanks for your input.

Thank You
Atul Yadav