Bad GID for job execution


We just recently migrated to AD from LDAP and we are noticing “qsub: Bad GID for job execution” errors when we submit job scripts with the “#PBS -W group_list=x-ccast-users” directive:

[oluwasijibomi.saula@bright01-thx ~]$ id oluwasijibomi.saula

uid=390302469(oluwasijibomi.saula) gid=390302469(oluwasijibomi.saula) groups=390302469(oluwasijibomi.saula),390368890(x-ccast-users)

However, we see id command showing the “x-ccast-users” group so we are not sure why PBS is complaining when we use the “#PBS -W group_list=x-ccast-users” directive.

Now if we submitted without the “#PBS -W group_list=x-ccast-users” directive, we don’t get an error…

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.


As per the code: getgrnam is used by pbs

Suggestion would be to have a “c” program that used getgrnam, to print the member list on the server and on the node, to see that results match with respect users and their groups.

As per the qsub man page


                  List of group names.  Job is run under a group name from this list.  Sets job’s group_List attribute to g_list.  Default: login group name  of  job  owner.
                  Format of g_list:

                         group[@host][,group@host ...]

                  Only  one  group name may be specified without a host name.  Only one group name may be specified per named host.  The server on which the job resides will
                  select first the group name whose host name is the same as the server name.  Failing that, the next selection will be the  group  name  with  no  specified
                  hostname.  The group names on the server and execution hosts must be the same.

                  Under Windows, the primary group is the first group found for the user by PBS when it queries the accounts database.

Thanks for the comments, Adarsh.

We’ve now resolved this issue by commenting out this line in our SSSD.conf:

#ignore_group_members = True

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