Best way to exempt a node from a hook?

we have been running the cgroups hooks on all of our “public” nodes for quite a while. We have added two new “Private” nodes to the cluster that we don’t need the
cgroups or vnodes functionality.

What is the best way to exempt a specific node from the hooks?


Hello @ron,

Updating the cgroup hook configuration file allows you to disable the hook on individual nodes or vnode types. The “no_cgroups” vnode type should be excluded by default, so you can either change the vnode type of the nodes or update the “exclude_hosts” top-level parameter. Note that individual cgroup subsystems may be disabled in the same way.

Try exporting the cgroup hook configuration configuration file through qmgr to view its contents.



Thanks MIke:

Could you please expand on what you mean by top level parameter?

In looking at “export hook cgroups …” it references the exclude_vntypes but it
doesn’t check for no_cgroups.

We are running version (if it makes a difference).


Please have a look at the cgroup project documentation here:

When I referred to a “top level parameter” I meant those items at the top of the file not enclosed within the “cgroup” section. Those are global parameters that affect all cgroup subsystems. If I want to completely disable the cgroup hook on a node, then I could either add the node to the “exclude_hosts” list or set the node to one of the vnode types listed in “exclude_vntypes”.

thanks Mike… I got it. PP-325 was very enlightening!