Can not delete a vnode whose name prefix with #(hash)

Hi All,

I created a vnode whose name prefix with a hash, ex: #cn_vnode1 by accident.
like the follow version 2 config file of MoM

#cn_vnode1: resources_available.ncpus = 10
cn_vnode2: resources_available.ncpus = 10
blah blah …

use pbs_mom -s insert command it successfully to read and create the #cn_vnode1.(not my expectation actually)

The qmgr can print out the #cn_vnode1 by print node @default,
but seems it can not be removed by the command delete node #cn_vnode1.
it reported the message,
No Active Nodes, nothing done.
when I try to delete it

The qmgr treat the #(hash) as a comment, will not parse the trailing words of #.
I have tried the \ (escape) or quote, double quote, and it all failed(Syntax error).

Do anyone have the ideal to fix this? a bug?
I have updated the MoM version2 config file, but the ghost vnode still can not be removed.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Hi Chris,

You need to delete it from the pbs_datastore.

Connect to database and remove the problematic node as below

#$PBS_EXEC/pgsql/bin/psql -U pbsdata -p 15007 -d pbs_datastore
pbs_datastore=# set search_path to pbs;
pbs_datastore=# select * from pbs.node;
pbs_datastore=# DELETE FROM pbs.node WHERE pbs.node.nd_name=’#cn_vnode1’;
pbs_datastore=# select * from pbs.node;
pbs_datastore=# \q

Thank you

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Hi adarsh,

Thanks for your replying.
I am lack of the sql knowledge.
Maybe my follow description have some issues.
There is no psql binary file at $PBS_EXEC/pgsql/bin/psql , but in /usr/bin/psql
I think both are the same, we just need a kind of sql program.
The problem when I type the command _psql -U pbsdata -p 15007 -d
it requested the password, I don’t konw this part.
Is that something I need to set when I configured the pbspro?
I even don’t know that did my installation have the user pbsdata of psql or not.

I noticed the problem is I can not delete the #cn_vnode1 by qmgr, so I remove the datatore dir and reconfig the pbspro, which is a stupid method for now.
If you can explain the psql method more, that would be appreciated.


You may use /opt/pbs/sbin/pbs_ds_passwd to change the password for the psql database. The remaining steps that @adarsh outlined are correct.

If you don’t mind starting from scratch, you may also do the following…

  1. Stop all PBS Pro services
  2. Delete /var/spool/pbs (the PBS_HOME directory)
  3. Start PBS and reconfigure the services

Keep in mind, this process will delete all configuration data from PBS Pro and you’ll effectively be starting with a fresh installation. Use this as a last resort.

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You could also try: qmgr -c “delete node @default

Note: This will delete all of the nodes you’ve created.

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Thanks for the answer of the psql password.

That’s also a solution, a better alternative of deleting the datatore dir. Thanks.