Compute-Manager-JavaLang error

After login on altair compute manager and selecting APPDEFS. I am getting this error. Please help me out if anyone knows what causing this error. This error is appearing for other users, for site administrator all APPDEFS working fine.
Note: I already restart the pas service and issue not resolved.

class java.lang.Exception:java.lang.Exception: Failed to fetch the application
Unknown.Se(Unknown Source) $j(Unknown Source)
Unknown.$8b(Unknown Source)
Unknown.yZc(Unknown Source)
Unknown.PZc(Unknown Source)
Unknown.(Unknown Source)
Unknown.sWc(Unknown Source)

Hi @AliAbidi – thanks for your query.

As this query is about PBS Works – the commercial suite that provides Access and Control GUIs and tools on top of PBS Pro, I suggest sending your question directly to the PBS Works support team via – there is also a link to phone numbers you can use on that page for commercial support.

This forum is dedicated to PBS Professional. Using the official support channels for commercial support will yield a reliable, professional response in a timely manner.


Thanks @billnitzberg