Could not create node "n011", error = 15062

Hi all,
I’m trying to restart pbs server and it gives me this errors for ten (10) nodes in the same enclosure , which was working before ,
Error Message is ;
Server@sever1: setup_nodes, could not create node “n011”, error = 15062
Server@server1: setup_nodes, could not create node “n012”, error = 15062
.Server@server1: setup_nodes, could not create node “n020”, error = 15062
Is this hardware problems ?

Please check the DNS for each of these nodes from the PBS Server system.
Do you have cn011 to cn020 listed in the /etc/hosts ? It seems PBS Server does not
recognise these nodes due to DNS.

PBSE_UNKNODE – 15062 – Named vnode is not in the list

Yes , it is listed , but some time it work with FQDN , some time just with cn011 !!!
So I think you right the problem is related to /etc/hosts file .
How can we fix that ?

Please make sure all your /etc/hosts are the same and
Say for example: FQDN shorthostname
XXX.XXX.X.X cn011.XX.XX cn011
XXX.XXX.X.X cn020.XX.XX cn020

Please cross check on each of the nodes whether output of the hostname is short hostname

if not, you need to add the mom as below:
qmgr -c “create node cn011”

Hope this would resolve the issue.

Thanks Adarsh, I will try and get back to you ASAP.

Hi Adarsh , the problem solved thanks .

Nice one ! Thank you :+1: