Create queue with max cup 128 core

Dear Team,

Need your help to create a single queue with max CPU 128, in the same queue users will not able to run max that 128.

Thanks & Regards
Narayan Pradhan

 qmgr -c "create queue testq queue_type=execution,enabled=t,started=t"
qmgr -c "set queue testq resources_max.ncpus=128"
 qmgr -c "set queue testq resources_available.ncpus=128"

Hope this helps.

Hi Adarsh,

How to limit per users cannot go beyond 128 cores.

Narayan Pradhan

Hi Narayan,

Please check this.
qmg -c "s q workq max_res_run.ncpus='[u:PBS_GENERIC =128]'"

Also, please check the server and queue limits of the admin guide.

Thank you