Depend job status

Hi all,

I have a job (call it job2) that is dependent on another one (call it job1) with afterok type of dependency.
If job1 fails, then job2 just disappears from the queue with no output of stderr (job2.e###). Is there a way to know that job2 did not run because job1 failed?


As per the documentation: Error processing of the existence, state, or condition of the job on which the newly-submitted job depends is performed after the job is queued. If an error is detected, the new job is deleted by the server. Mail is sent to the job submitter stating the error.

Please check your mailbox
on the server .

Thanks adarsh for the quick response.
I didn’t define an email directive for these PBS jobs since they are part of a script that runs many jobs sequentially and this means getting alot of emails.
Is there a way to get the info not through email?


No, there isn’t any option or configuration. Thank you