Enhance pbs_config & pbs_stat to support pbs_snapshot


I’m proposing a change to pbs_config to work with output of pbs_snapshot instead of pbs_diag to mimic a user’s setup. Please review the design document and provide your valuable feedback:



Thanks for posting your proposed design and including your motivation for changes. One suggestion… if the --acct-logs option is only to be used in disposable environments, might we want to confirm that the user really wants to create new accounts on the local system? At least we can say we asked if they happen to run the command in the wrong window.

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Sounds like a good thing to do, I’ve added that to the design

Looks good to me @agrawalravi90. Thanks for updating.

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Modified the design doc to add proposal to distribute pbs_config inside PBS_EXEC/unsupported alongside other PTL based commands like pbs_loganalyzer & pbs_stat. Please let me know if this sounds like a bad idea. Thanks.

FYI, I’ve edited the doc to also mention pbs_stat command, and have renamed the snapshot option for both commands to “–snap”. Please let me know if there are any concerns. Thanks.