Error / output logs not written out

Hi everyone,

I have inherited a PBS system from a previous colleague and am really struggling at the moment. from what i have read in the documentation for PBS error / output logs should be written out into the project directory the execution script was run from by default once script has finished.

I have tried adding -e and -o directly into the command line when submitting and into the script with different file paths to ensure that the problem was not caused by a write access issue.

Is there a setting somewhere in PBS which would stop the files being written out?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

You can look into mom_logs for error message. There could also be network connection or passphrase issue that might cause this. BTW, you can submit your job with -k oe option this will keep the output and error file on the execution node and do not try to copy it back to the server node. Else you can find the error and output file under $PBS_HOME/undelivered folder.