Exclude specific nodes by using pre-assigned node properties

I would like to exclude some specific nodes when submitting a job with qsub without changing node properties, because this would require administrator permissions, which I don’t have. Instead, I would like to use the node properties that are already assigned to the nodes, in order to tell the scheduler what nodes to exclude.

The node that I want to exclude, which I call node_0, has the following properties:

$ pbsnodes -a node_0
properties = infiniband,p_huge,p_large,mpi

while if I do the same command for the other nodes, I get either

properties = p_huge, p_large, p_medium, p_small, diag, intel


properties = diag

Can these properties be used to tell the scheduler to run my job on any node different from node_0? If so, what would be the qsub command to do this?