File transfer does not happen after submitting the job in qsub

I have two Linux PC on which i am trying to configure OpenPBS. After installing server/sched/comm on PC1 and MOM on PC2… So jobs are submitted on PC1 and executed on PC2.
When i submit the job in PC1 with following command:
qsub mul.psub ------
mul.psub is as follows:
python /home/myName/Desktop/

the jobs get finished will following output
python: can’t open file ‘/home/myName/Desktop/’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

The file is present in above directory in PC1. It is not there on PC2
When the job is run, the openPBS should copy this file to PC2 and run it.
Why its not happening?
There are no error logs about this transfer failure as well. Which means it is not even trying to transfer the file.

Please advice.

PBS has no way to know what your job script will need, so you need to use the “-W” parameter on qsub. Many clusters use a shared filesystem to avoid having to stage files in and out. Take a look at the qsub man page and documentation for additional details.