Filter hook '<job_name>' encountered an exception

Hi, I am using PBS to submit job in Nurion (Here is a quick user guide for Nurion : This job is to run Community Earth System model version 2.0.1 (
CESM2_0_1). I am getting an error like: ‘qsub: request rejected as filter hook ‘job_submit_filter’ encountered an exception. Please inform Admin’ from dir ‘/scratch/x1919a03/Models/cesm2_0_1/cime/scripts/fhist’

I am having no clue what it is. Kindly suggest.

Thank you in advance.

There is a problem with the job_submit_filter hook your administrator has put in place. You may disable the hook with a command like this…

qmgr -c "set hook job_submit_filter enabled = false"

Your administrator should probably debug and fix the hook script.