How to a CPU queue and GPU queue and hoe to utilising it


How to create a CPU Queue and GPU Queue,
and how to utilise using “qsub -l select=2:ncpus=2:ngpus=2 -q GPU”


How to create a queue ?

  • as a root user on the PBS Server host
  • qmgr -c “create queue CPUQ queue_type=e,enabled=t,started=t”
  • qmgr -c “create queue GPUQ queue_type=e,enabled=t,started=t”

Now you can submit the jobs to either of the queues as below:
qsub -q GPUQ – /bin/sleep 100
qsub -q CPUQ – /bin/sleep 100

If in case you want to target nodes with cpus only and gpus only then please follow this link

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how to create gpu resource and use?


  • qmgr -c ‘create resource ngpus type=long,flag=nh’
  • add the “ngpus” resource to the resources: “ncpus, aoe, … , ngpus” line of the sched_config
  • kill -HUP
  • qmgr -c "set node NODENAME resources_available.ngpus= "

For more details, see the PBS 18.2 Admin Guide, section 5.14.7, “Using GPUs”, on page AG-277.