How to config pbspro to have the maintain job history function?

Dear all,

When I used the command qstat -H or qstat -x, it gived the following messages:
qstat: PBS is not configured to maintain job history

Can anyone tell me how to config it. I use the default setting to compile the pbspro.
I check some makefile from source codes and can not find some relevant options like that.

Any replying will be appreciated.

Hi Chris,

You will have to set the job_history_enable server attribute -
[root@d_server pbs]# qmgr
Max open servers: 49
Qmgr: s s job_history_enable=1
Qmgr: q

[root@d_server pbs]# qmgr -c “s s job_history_enable=1”
[root@d_server pbs]#

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Thanks, it works.
Nice day.