How to resolve ‘state = maintenance’ node

Hi evrybody,

I have a strange problem

After an overloading on network I use qsig -s suspend jobid .
The job was job_array ( array size=3279 )

Pbs set my concerned nodes “maintenance” ( no problem )

after that our network was always overloaded then we kill jobs

with qdel command

but since the qdel we have node flagged “maintenance” that won’t return to free state

I tried pbsnodes -r node , and
qmgr -c “set node node state = free”

but nodes remain in “maintenance” mode

Have some Ideas ?

pbs_version = 20.0.0
debian 11

Best regards

Hi everybody

I found a manner

del node nodexx

cre node nodexx
then set all old config

and node are ok

He someone has better ??

Best Regard

Please share the output of the below commands when the node is in maintenance mode

pbsnodes  nodename-of-the-maintaince-node
qstat -Q


Thank you for your answer … but now my prob is resolved …

The “deleting recreating method” works perfectly

Best Regards

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