How to set client host

Can You provide complete instruction how to set client-host, to it will be able to submit jobs?
I found just this: Install PBS on Client Hosts
Install PBS on each client host.
1. Log in as root
2. Download the appropriate PBS package
3. Uncompress the package
4. Make sure that parameters for PBS_HOME, PBS_EXEC, and PBS_SERVER are set correctly; see section, “Setting Installation Parameters”, on page 25
5. Install the PBS client sub-package on each execution host:
rpm -i <path/to/sub-package>pbspro-client-<version>-0.<platform-specific-dist-

I followed by this instruction but I when I try to run qstat or qsub command on client-host, I get error:

auth: error returned: -1
auth: Unable to authenticate connection (servernode.domain:15001)
No such file or directory
qstat: cannot connect to server servernode.domain (errno=-1)

Operating Systems in my complex are Linux.
I use resvport method for authenticating.
I had set flatuid parameter on the servernode to False.
On the servernode is created user account which sends commands from client-host machine.
I have hosts.equiv file with host names in /etc .
I have client-host name and IP in /etc/hosts file. Pbs_hostn command return properly hostname and IP address of client-host from servernode and reverse.
Pbs_iff -t servernode 15001 command do not return any message or error. Pbs_iff has sticky bit set (4755).
Version of pbs_iff are the same on both hosts: 20.0.0. I checked it with version 20.0.1 on the client-host too and was the same error.

Please help me!


0. qmgr: s s flatuid = true # this might solve the issue

  1. increase the server log level using qmgr : s s log_events = 2047
  2. run the qsub/qstat from the client host and check the equivalent log messages
  3. Please make sure ports (15001 to 15009) are not blocked by firewall/iptables
  4. hostname resolution (DNS) from client to pbs server and vice versas is resolvable (forward,reverse) . Check /etc/pbs.conf for the PBS_SERVER and whether it resolves

the same

11/23/2021 12:28:50;0100;Server@servernode;Req;;Type 0 request received from user@clienthost, sock=27
11/23/2021 12:28:50;0100;Server@servernode;Req;;Type 95 request received from user@clienthost, sock=28
11/23/2021 12:28:50;0100;Server@servernode;Req;;Type 95 request received from user@clienthost, sock=28

Open tcp ports on :
servernode: 15001-15004, 15007, 17001
clienthost: 15001-15009

Should I open on servernode ports: 15005-15006,15008-15009 ?

I check this with pbs_hostn -v command and it looks good:
From client-host:

pbs_hostn -v servernode
primary name: servernode.domain (from gethostbyname())
aliases:           servernode
aliases:           sn1
     address length:  4 bytes
     address:   (339454144 dec)  name:  servernode.domain

From serverhost:

pbs_hostn -v clienthost
primary name: clienthost (from gethostbyname())
aliases:            -none-
     address length:  4 bytes
     address:   (507226304 dec)  name:  clienthost

So maybe it is something with authentication?
How servernode authenticate clients?

a bit strange:

  1. is there any acl_host set in the server configuration
  2. is the client and server version the same
  3. are you sure you are using the correct qstat , if in case there are multiple workload manager clients ?
  4. does telnet servernode.domain 15001 work ?


Probably this was a problem.
My PBS complex was build on Github version from sources which generate 20.0.0 version number. On the Ubuntu client-host I was installed client.deb package from Github releases page which generate 20.0.1 version number.
So I deleted them from client-host and compiled openpbs from that sources which I was Installed my PBS complex before. Now I can submit jobs from client. That jobs are with errors but they arrive in the quene :confused:
I will analyse now why jobs are with errors but this is story for new topic :slight_smile:

Thanks for help, regards!

P.S. Do client-host must be added to password-less authentication to submit jobs to pbs complex?

P.S. Do client-host must be added to password-less authentication to submit jobs to pbs complex?

Not necessary to submit jobs, but required for returning output.

OK, summarise what I done to set client-host.

To I can send jobs from client-host, I need:

  1. Add client-host to password less authentication - to pbs be able to send outputs to client-host.
    1a. So when I change standard port for ssh in pbs complex, I need to change ssh port on client-host too or specified it for just the client-host.
  2. When I have flatuid=False(default,recommended) set on pbs server:
    • I must have user account with the same uid everywhere in pbscomplex: pbsserver,pbsnodes,clien-host and with user-home directory
    • I do not need to have file: /etc/hosts.equiv with allow hostnames

When I have flatuid=True set on pbs server:
- I do not need have user account on pbs compplex
- I must have file: /etc/hosts.equiv with client-host hostname on pbs server


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I have one more question.
I was perform more tests with sending jobs from client-host to pbs complex.
I experiment with firewall. I want to know which exactly port number client-host need to open to send jobs and receives informations from qstat and pbsnodes commands. So I deny all ports except ssh port on firewall. Then I run qsub, qstat and pbsnodes commands to check if I get any output of them. I was really surprised when all those command was successfully executed.
Is this normal situation?
How communication take place with blocked all ports?
So client-host do not need open any port on firewall to submit jobs and receive answer from qstat and pbsnodes command?