How to setup kubernetes-pbspro-connector plugin

Hi all,
I want to use the kubernetes-pbspro-connector plugin.
I set up following this Github page Kubernetes Connector for PBS Professional, but I got the following error in " Run the Scheduler":confused:
# ./scheduler
Starting Scheduler Iteration
Error code: 400 Bad Request

So, **please tell me what is wrong with my settings of config file, or other mistake. **

pbs_ver. : 19.1.2
kubernetes ver : 1.15.3 (build with kubeadm)

  1. kubernetes.go file
    line 72
    var (
    apiHost = “”

var (
apiHost = “<kube-apiserver Pod’s IP>:6443”

  1. pbs_kubernetes.CF
    “kubelet_config”: “”

“kubelet_config”: “/var/lib/kubelet/config.yaml”

I think this setting is wrong. But I should not set a direcotry argument of kubelet --config.

I don’t understand the following sentences properly:

Setup kubelet to a watched directory by using the --config option. The value to --config is the directory that the kubelet will watch for pod manifests to run. First create a directory for this, and then start the kubelet.


Hi @aki0601,
This integration was tested with Kubernetes v1.5.2 (The default version with yum installation in Centos). It is possible that some of the API calls from this Custom Scheduler are deprecated.
The value of --config option for kubelet is to a directory it polls for new pod manifests to run. PBS will use this directory to submit the manifests file while running jobs in this integration.
This argument can be added to the KUBELET_ARGS in kubelet config file (which is by default in /etc/kubernetes/kubelet for kubectl --version : Kubernetes v1.5.2)