How to submit job from Linux server to Windows excution host

I compiled 18.1.2 Linux & Windows PBSPro.
Linux run as server and Windows run as excution host.
Both versions work well ,but they can not work together.
All machines are under control of Windows AD.

Here is Windows pbs.conf:

PBS_EXEC=C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\exec
PBS_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\PBS\home

"pbsnodes -a " is ok.

It would not work this way, Linux compute nodes should be connected to Linux PBS Server
and the same for Windows .

Could you please share the reason behind connecting Windows execution host to Linux Server ?


Could you please try this submission
qsub – pbs-sleep 100

But I can’t submit job from Linux server[mu01] to Windows excution host[rsm].

Here is my scripts:

[d@mu01 ~]$ cat
sleep 300

[d@mu01 ~]$ qsub

Job Id: 14.mu01
Job_Name =
Job_Owner =
job_state = H
queue = workq
server = mu01
Checkpoint = u
ctime = Thu Jun 14 06:10:28 2018
Error_Path =
Hold_Types = p
Join_Path = n
Keep_Files = n
Mail_Points = a
mtime = Thu Jun 14 06:10:29 2018
Output_Path =
Priority = 0
qtime = Thu Jun 14 06:10:28 2018
Rerunable = True
Resource_List.ncpus = 1
Resource_List.nodect = 1 = pack = 1:ncpus=1
stime = Thu Jun 14 06:10:28 2018
substate = 20
Variable_List = PBS_O_HOME=/home/HPC/d,PBS_O_LANG=en_US.UTF-8,
comment = failed to ImpersonateLoggedOnUser on has bad
password - pls run pbs_password
alt_id = HomeDirectory=Z:
run_count = 1
Exit_status = -13
Submit_arguments =
project = _pbs_project_default

[d@mu01 ~]$ pbs_password
pbs_password: single_signon_password_enable not set

after set server single_signon_password_enable = True , pbs_password doesnot work :frowning:

[d@mu01 ~] pbs_password pbs_password failed: not compiled with PBS_PASS_CREDENTIALS! [d@mu01 ~] pbs_password
pbs_password: single_signon_password_enable not set
[d@mu01 ~]$ id
uid=10001116(d) gid=10000513(domain users) groups=10000513(domain users),10001116(d),16777217(BUILTIN+users)

@maliangwen Try

qsub -Wpwd

Once it asks for job’s password, enter user d’s password.
But last I know Windows and Linux interoperability is not supported by PBS, so let us know if it works for you.