How to uninstall PBS


How do I uninstall PBS? I am still in the process of troubleshooting a PBS install that won’t start.
As for the uninstall, I tried ‘rpm -e | grep pbs’ and it doesn’t show anything. Openpbs was installed using the configure script.

Should I stop pbs service and delete /opt/pbs directory? I do see that there is a pre_uninstall script… should I run that before deleting?


Please try this
rpm -qa | grep -i pbs | xargs rpm -e ;rm -rf /opt/pbs ; rm -rf /var/spool/pbs ; rm -rf /etc/pbs*

I tried your suggestion which did remove PBS.

When I did a PBS reinstall, the post-install script ran quicker. Is the previous datastore or database not removed? Is there a way to remove such that it would be a completely new install?


Please try to remove the database or move the datastore to a different location.
source /etc/pbs.conf
cd $PBS_HOME/datastore

or you can un-install the database and re-install it.

Hope this helps