How to view job output without having to ssh to compute node?

I believe one has to ssh to the compute node and then “cd” into /var/spool/pbs or something to find your running job’s standard output. Is there a way to have standard output writting directly to the PBS_O_WORKDIR and have it update on the fly?

Please check the below from the PBS Professional Administrator guide

  1. $usecp
  2. qsub -k oed

Note: if you have your /home common across PBS Server host and compute node(s). Then you can have this $usecp parameter populated in the $PBS_HOME/mom_priv/config as below
$usecp *:/home/ /home/
( restart the pbs_mom services on the compute node (s) )

Say userA, with home directory /home/userA submits a job (qsub -k oed from this directory, then the standard out and standard error will be make available in the /home/userA when the job is in running state. If there an issues, then you will find it in the $PBS_HOME/mom_logs on the compute node , of why the stdout and stderr is not copied while the job is running.

Hope this helps

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Consider looking at Chapter 3, “Job Input & Output Files”, in the PBS Professional User’s Guide:

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