Is it possible that applies different place for different chunks

Hi, just do some thinking on the fly.
if I submit a job with multiply selection of chunks
qsub -l select=8:ncpus=8:platform=Blade+1:ncpus=8:platform=RACK (Yes, just image that jobstep for descrete and simulation for powerflow )
Can I place the first chunk (8x8) with place=free:excl. and the latter one 1x8 with place=free:share
it is possible?
if following by place=free:excl would definitely made RACK exclusive

Any suggestions?

No, it is not possible

We cannot use -place=free:excl as well

Suggestion would be to
1 request the maximum memory available on the nodes for first chunks (8x8) before ‘+’
2. request required memory for the second chunk (1x8)
3. now you can use -place=free:share

Blade platform nodes:
n1 to n8 each have: 16 cores, 64GB RAM

Rack plaform nodes:
n9 to n16 each have : 16 cores, 64GB RAM

qsub -l select=8:ncpus=8:mem=64gb+1:ncpus=8:mem=16gb

Hi Adarsh,
I’ve used -l place=free:excl for years, it works well

mem is not what i concern, I can precisely control where jobs should go,
my problem is chunks can not assign to different ‘place=’ value (I want to make Blade exclusive while RACK shared in a single qsub job) , I guess with configure version 2 file of Mom on Blade would do the trick, but I’m looking for more flexible way.

Thank you

Agree . I was wrong

v2 config file is the way to go

Thank you, Adarsh. Then I’ll turn to v2 config file