Is there any GUI to submit job?


I have installed PBS pro Open Source 14.1.2 version,
and submitting job in command line using “qsub”,

Is there any GUI Tool to submit job PBS pro Open Source 14.1.2 ?

Thank You…

Yes there is one but it is commercial offering, please follow this link

Thank you

Dear Adarsh,

Thanks for your input on this,

It would be great that if we can have GUI job submission in opensource PBS pro.



I’m not going to criticize the GUI provided in the commercial version, since it does work and people still use it. It is written in Tcl/Tk, requires X11, doesn’t work on Windows, and probably hasn’t been updated for 15 years. It definitely has a “retro” feel because it is, in actuality, very old.

What do others in the community think? Is this something users would find useful?

If so, this would be a great place to discuss it. What capabilities should it have? (e.g. submit jobs, monitor nodes, etc.) What would it look like, and how would it be organized? What would the implementation be based on? (e.g. PyTk, web based)

Keep in mind Altair offers other products that work with PBS Pro that may provide the GUI you’re looking for. You may learn more about them here…,-Documentation