Is there any way to tell job's vnode within it jobscript

I use configverison2 to create 3 vnode for node1, say node1(same as hostname), node1_a, node1_b
when i am using some schedule policy to deliver jobs to node1_a or node1_b, I’m not able to use PBS way to determine which vnode the job is running.

The only way is use qstat -f $PBS_JOBID and grab exec_vnode field and do some string opreation,

I’ve looked at $PBS_NODEFILE, it’s the hostname.
I didn’t find any clue from env|grep PBS environment
Is there any native way rather than this quick and dirty way? or simply not possible to do it

pbsnodes -av | grep -e ^[a-zA-Z] -e jobs might help

Sure, it can be done with some string operation with pbsnodes or qstat -f, i’m wondering if there is environment variable to indicate that directly.
Thank you for your reply, Adarsh

There isn’t one :frowning: . String operation would be the easy one.

Thank you