Killing jobs using qdel -Wforce does not fire EXECJOB_PRETERM/EXECJOB_EPILOGUE events

Hi all,
I wrote a hook script to manage the local scratch space on the compute nodes.
Particularly, in case of multiple nodes exclusive jobs, the scratch space is created on the fly. Such scratch space is virtually composed by the all local scratches on the involved nodes and it is managed by the master node only.

If such multiple nodes exclusive jobs are killed by using qdel -Wforce , pbs.EXECJOB_PRETERM and pbs.EXECJOB_EPILOGUE events do not run and consequently I am not able to properly free the “distrubuted” scratch space.

Using pbs.EXECHOST_PERIODIC event could be quite complicated.

Do you know any events that fires in this particular situation or any workarounds?

Thanks in advance for helping.