Limiting number of jobs submitted at a time from an array

When I submit an array to the cluster it will submit as many jobs as there are CPUs. How do I make it so that only a limited number of jobs from the array will submit at once?

Thank you!

Please check the admin guide for “max_run_subjobs” Limiting Number of Simultaneously Running Subjobs

Thank you for the help!

When I use the commands as illustrated in the documentation I still run into issues:

In the documentation it says that an edit to the -J command should do the trick

This is what happens when i use #PBS -J 1-100%10

qsub: illegal -J value

When I try to use qalter it doesnt understand either

qalter -Wmax_run_subjobs=1000 1152.cluster
qalter: Undefined attribute 1152.cluster

And this is what happens when I set the atrributes as I submit

qsub -J 1-100%10
usage: qsub [-a date_time] [-A account_string] [-c interval]
[-C directive_prefix] [-e path] [-f ] [-h ] [-I [-X]] [-j oe|eo] [-J X-Y[:Z]]
[-k keep] [-l resource_list] [-m mail_options] [-M user_list]
[-N jobname] [-o path] [-p priority] [-P project] [-q queue] [-r y|n]
[-R o|e|oe] [-S path] [-u user_list] [-W otherattributes=value…]
[-S path] [-u user_list] [-W otherattributes=value…]
[-v variable_list] [-V ] [-z] [script | – command [arg1 …]]
qsub --version

I am using I am using pbs_version 20.0.1

Please type the command, attributes , values , it might have been the special characters that might have translated during copy paste.

Alright, sorry this feature was implemented from 2021 onwards, so this is missing in 20.0.1
You might need to upgrade to take advantage of this feature.