Need some suggestion to achieve advanced rules for queues

We are try to achieve below scenario -

We have queue A
We want to give equal number of cores and core hours to all users for queue A
*** we will get the data of core and job runs of users ***
Depending on who has used less, we will give priority to that user till the next cycle.

Here - Is it possible to set number of core and core hours and number of jobs a user can submit ?

Currently we are using - mk_pbs_act command to fetch reports… Source - PBS Accounting:

We can get number of jobs and cpu / wall hours from it.

If there any other or better way which you know please let us know, I would like to explore.

Can run this report suppose in every 10 days and then write a cron to set the priority via qmgr


You can write a queuejob hook ,

  • you get the usage data from the pbs_accounting, with this you create a file on the PBS Server as below.
    username priority
    userA 100
    userB 100
    userC 10

  • that sets the same number cores and walltime to all the jobs that is been submitted to queueA and also checks the above file for setting priority of the user jobs.

Hope this helps

Thank you