No available resources on nodes

Some one please help me on below issue. As i installed pbspro on server and clients and after adding the node to cluster, while submitting the job is queuing in the QUEUE and getting error
“No available resources on nodes” Here is error and tracejob details.

tracejob 61.blcl3000

Job: 61.blcl3000

04/12/2023 14:23:20 L Considering job to run
04/12/2023 14:23:20 S Job Queued at request of, owner =, job name = STDIN, queue = workq
04/12/2023 14:23:20 S Job Modified at request of
04/12/2023 14:23:20 L No available resources on nodes
04/12/2023 14:23:20 S enqueuing into workq, state Q hop 1
04/12/2023 14:23:20 A user=localadmin group=hp_euc_admin project=_pbs_project_default jobname=STDIN queue=workq ctime=1681289600 qtime=1681289600 etime=1681289600
Resource_List.ncpus=10 Resource_List.nodect=1

[root@blcl3000 ~]# qstat -ans

Req’d Req’d Elap
Job ID Username Queue Jobname SessID NDS TSK Memory Time S Time

61.blcl3000 localad* workq STDIN – 1 10 – – Q –

Not Running: No available resources on nodes

Please share the output of pbsnodes -av and qstat -f 61 as well when the job 61 is in queue.
Also, qstat -Bf, the node might not be licensed.