No output and error file generated run time

Dear Team,

Need your help here.

In pbs version 21 output file not generated on rum time. It will generated after completion of job.

I have used parameter in file mentioned below.

#PBS -o Test.out
#PBS -e Test.err
#PBS -joe

Narayan Pradhan

Yes, that is the default behaviour , if you would like to stream line the .out and .err file.
Then please check these options in the administrator guide

  1. $usecp
  2. qsub -koed -o /path/to/project -e /path/to/project

Example: provided /home is common across all the nodes and its is part of $usecp *:/home/ /home/ ( $PBS_HOME/mom_priv/config )

#PBS -koed
#PBS -o / home/userA
#PBS -e home/userA


qsub -koed -o /home/userA/project -e /home/userA/project – /bin/sleep 10

Please see Chapter 3, “Job Input & Output Files”, in the PBS Professional 2021.1 User’s Guide.