Option to suppress logging of hook body in PTL's create_import_hook()

PTL’s create_import_hook(), by default, prints hook’s content in the test output. This is a useful information in the test output. But in scenarios where the hook body is very large, (For example cgroups hook with 4500+ lines) the test output becomes unmanageable. Hence an option will be added to create_import_hook() and import_hook() methods to suppress logging hook body, if needed. Test writers can choose to suppress logging hook contents if needed.

Please find the design here:https://pbspro.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/1201209353/Option+to+suppress+logging+of+hook+body+in+PTL+s+create+import+hook

Looks good to me. I sign off.

@lsubramanian looks good to me.

@lsubramanian instead of adding logbody why don’t you log the hook’s body at a lower log level like debug and pass a log level to create_import_hook(). You can keep the default log level for create_import_hook as info.
This is similar to how we do it in other calls like run_cmd(), parse_holidays_file(), status() etc.

I like the idea you mentioned @arungrover. It is also consistent with how other functions deal with logging. @arungrover, @vstumpf, @lisa-altair, I have updated the design doc with this change. Please take a look!

Nice idea @arungrover. Looks good to me @lsubramanian