PBS does not run jobs in order of job priority

I currently have one queue set up in a basic HPC environment. The goal is to enable users to set priority using the #PBS -p flag.

in /pbs/etc/pbs_sched_config, I uncommented and changed job_sort_key to the following:
job_sort_key: “job_priority HIGH” ALL

However in testing, the lower priority job still runs before the higher one despite requesting the same computing resources.

In pbs_sched_config, strict_ordering is false.

If I do not want to have a job stop a currently running job, should preempt_queue_prio also be set to false?

Please let us know the version of openPBS.

After making changes the sched_config file, did you restart the pbs_sched or kill -HUP < PID of pbs_sched >

It is unrelated, no need to alter this parameter.

I am using version 19.1.2. Does changing this setting in pbs_sched do as expected in reordering job execution within a single queue?

Thank you.

Yes, it does

The sched_config file exists in this location
source /etc/pbs.conf ; cd $PBS_HOME/sched_priv