PBS Pro Trial license

I am applying the PBS pro trial license and would like to make sure the below things:

  1. How the 1 server or 3 servers mean in the below pic? Does this refer to the number of PBS Pro servers which install pbspro-server-

  2. Does PBS Pro execution host which installs pbspro-execution- need license? Or just the PBS Pro which installs pbspro-server- need license?

  3. Does the three PBS pro servers which install pbspro-server- share one license server?

Thanks a lot for the help!

This is not related to PBS Pro Server. This is related to Triad Altair License Manager setup.
This has nothing to do with PBS Pro server

PBS Pro 18.2.x is licensed based on the number of nodes. License is deployed only on the server, you can install PBS execution on as many nodes as you like, but based on the license you have only X number of nodes will be considered for running jobs. Please contact Altair sales to get more information

As mentioned above, it is Triad Altair License Manager setup, which requires MAC addresses of three different host to setup a license server failover setup. This is not related to PBS Pro Server.

Please download the Altair License Manager documentation from the documentation link of your account.

Hope this helps

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Thanks so much for the reply. It is very helpful.