PBS Pro v19.1 Released & Simplifying the Contribution Process

Project Updates:

  1. PBS Pro v19.1 Released!
  2. Proposal for Simplifying the Contribution Process

  1. PBS Pro v19.1 Released!

PBS Pro v19.1 is now generally available and can be downloaded via https://www.pbspro.org/Download.aspx#download.

This is a new major version with over 200 checkins by the PBS Professional Open Source community, and delivers increased performance and scalability, new supported platforms, and numerous bug fixes.

Performance highlights of v19.1 versus v18 include up to:
* 2x faster job submission,
* 2.9x faster end-to-end job throughput, delivering over 13,000 jobs per minute,
* 100x faster scheduling, using the new “node bucket” algorithm,
* 100x faster target job selection for preemption, and
* 5x faster server startup.
Plus, v19.1 also includes:
* Larger job IDs (up to 12 digits),
* Increased time resolution in logs (now in microseconds),
* A new mechanism for reliably starting jobs in the face of node failures (especially useful for big 1000s of node jobs),
* A new hook event (at reservation end), and
* New platform support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on x86_64, SLES 15 for ARM64, and SLES 15 for select HPE systems.
The full list of changes (all checkins) is on the PBS Professional Github release page (https://github.com/PBSPro/pbspro/releases/tag/v19.1.1).

Thanks to the whole team for a great release!

  1. Proposal for Simplifying the Contribution Process

Based on community feedback, we are proposing a few changes to the contribution process to make it simpler and easier.

If you have feedback, please join the conversation on the Community forum at: Proposal for Simplifying the Contribution Process

In particular, we are proposing the following:
* Move from Jira to Github for issue tracking
* Migrate from Confluence to Github pages for Design documents
* Remove the requirement to have commit signatures (signed commits)
* Replace the checklist in the pull request (PR) with a pointer to the guidelines
* Allow maintainers squash, rebase and merge after code reviews pass (eliminating a sometimes iterative hassle for contributors)

Thanks all!

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