Pbs_server.bin Segfault

We were using PBS 14.3.2 since couple of months very effectively. But 2 days before, PBS_Server daemon died and shown segmentation fault on process. I thorough verified but could not be able to find the reason behind this.

/var/log/messages and dmesg shows below error.
"pbs_server.bin[16848]: segfault at 3caf05f8 ip 0000000000440eef sp 00007ffc49e20400 error 4 in pbs_server.bin[400000+129000]
I request your views on this error.

Please try to upgrade the PBS Services to the latest release and check.

Otherwise, if you can reproduce with the right set of data and workflow , then please open a ticket with all the relevant steps to reproduce with the the core dump, server logs and full backtrace