Pbs_submit attropl structure example

I’m trying to submit jobs to PSBPro using C++ api, but I have some issues with attropl structure, especially - the resource list.

What is the correct format for it?

  1. (name=”Resource_List”,resource=”select”,value=”1:ncpus=1”)

  2. (name=”Resource_List”,resource=”select”,value=”1”)-> (name=”Resource_List”,resource=”ncpus”,value=”1”)

  3. (name=”Resource_List”,resource=”select”,value=”1:ncpus=1”)-> (name=”Resource_List”,resource=”ncpus”,value=”1”)


I’m not sure exactly which API you are using, but I’m guessing your confusing stems from the fact that there are indeed two different ways of requesting a resource such a ncpus from PBS:

(name=“Resource_List”, resource=“select”, value=“1:ncpus=1”)


(name=“Resource_List”, resource=“ncpus”, value=“1”)

both sound correct to me. There are some nuances with using select, I’d recommend that you go through the documentation to get more info about it.