PBSpro equivalent of "procs=" syntax in Moab/Torque

We’d like to find a system that supports submitting jobs without assigning nodes number, but with total MPI procs number.
This is can be done with paid Moab/torque; but the Torque is no longer freely downloadable, and the free Maui had stopped updates for a long time.
We did discussed subscribing their support, but since their pricing model changes during the process, we’d like to search for other options.
I’ve never used PBSpro before, but from a glimpse of the document and some short test on a minimal environment, I did not find this possible on PBSpro.
Am I right on this conclusion? Or there is some way to do this which I did not find?
(Sorry for the bad English :p)

Mike Chen
Research Assistant
Dept. of Atmospheric Science
National Taiwan University


Could you please share us an example or link to this feature description.
A bit more explanation of the purpose of this feature used in your environment.

Thank you

The environment is using Torque 3.0.4 w/o Maui.
The said function is broken in Torque + internal pbs_sched higher than v3.0.4.
With this function, I can just submit jobs like:
#PBS -l procs=100
The scheduler will assign as many nodes as it needs to satisfy the total MPI processes requirement, without the “#PBS -l nodes=” argument.


Try qsub -l select=100:ncpus=1. This will have the scheduler spread the job out on as many nodes as it needs to give the job 100 cpus. You can go even further and if the job requires a certain amount of memory per process, you can say -lselect=100:ncpus=1:mem=2gb.


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The job runs, and the output ($PBS_NODEFILE) is as expected.
Thank you very much!
I’ll try if I can actually run MPI jobs this way.