Placement Groups to be balanced

We have two placement sets/groups setup so that jobs are placed in one group or the other.
Let’s say switch1 and switch2.
This keeps jobs within each switch, using place=vscatter:exclhost:group=switch .

What appears to be happening though is the smallest set seems to have priority. So switch 1 has less nodes therefore jobs fill switch1 before switch2.
Is there a method to balance jobs so that the largest placement set always gets used? This should ensure a more balanced usage between placement sets.

Thanks in advance

Create a dummy node (it might down or offline) and add it to switch1 ?
Make sure the total number of nodes in switch1 is equal to switch2
This might work.

Thanks for the idea @adarsh,
Let’s say we have 8 nodes in switch1 and 6 nodes in switch2, if we created 2 dummy nodes in switch2 to balance the switches. As soon as we launched a 2 node job switch2, wouldn’t switch2 then be the smaller placement set and then further jobs would go on switch2, before using switch1?
It would be better if went with the set that had the most nodes to balance the switches from job to job.

Please add more nodes to switch1 (greater than the switch2).
This will make sure switch2 is used first and then switch1.
There is node_sort_key for placement set , placement set are ordered by size. So this might be one of the way to reach your requirement.