PP-481 Execute execjob_prologue hooks on all sister moms all the time

This note is to inform the community of work being done to allow execjob_prologue hook to execute on all sister moms all the time, instead of only when the first task is spawned on a sister mom.

execjob_prologue hook on sister moms design

Please feel free to provide feedback on this topic.

The proposed design changes look good to me. As a hook writer, this is a welcome change.

This change in the hook’s behavior may require site changes in order to be prepared for the hook to run on sister MoMs.
Please make sure to provide a way to configure it to use the previous behavior (or, consider making the previous behavor the default and the new behavior require an additional configuration step) so that sites may manage the change as they need.

I don’t think that we want to have an option to keep the previous behavior. It was confusing to explain and not the desired behavior. When we explained the functionality to admins they asked why would any one want a prologue hook that doesn’t run on all the nodes before the job starts. This work was prioritized to remove the existing functionality and make it a true parallel prologue hook.

That’s fine if you can be certain that everyone wants this change. Product managers are supposed to be omniscient - good luck.