PP-927 Install procedure for PBS on Cray CLE 6.0 using the PBS RPM

@lisa-altair I like the change you have made. Additional to what you have mentioned, can we also mention that now if not at install time, when these directories will be created and configured?

@lisa-altair your recent change looks good now.

@vccardenas and @mkaro please see the latest version (18), I addressed @arungrover comments, and added some information about /etc/hosts.

@lisa-altair the changes look good.

In the behavior change section, you should use neither/nor OR not/or. One of…

  • files with neither be created nor configured
  • files will not be created or configured

Item 3.a.i… we’ll never be able to list the correct version all the time. Could we substitute 12sp2/12sp3 with something like [version]?

Item 5.a… you may want to refer them to the admin guide for failover configurations.


Thanks for your comments @mkaro I have updated the design doc.

I have also added changes to the steps about when to make PBS_HOME persistent. @arungrover and @vccardenas please have a look.

Change looks good to me @lisa-altair

Section 5. third sentence… replace “are” with “is” now that “play” is singular.

Section 5a… Try to stay away from the use of “You” in any instructions. e.g. “You may want” -> “It is optional”, “You may need” -> “It may be necessary”, “You must” -> “It is necessary”

Section 5b… Make any additional configuration changes to /etc/pbs.conf…

Section 6, first sentence… please reword the sentence. You should be able to use the word “image” only once.

Section 6, second sentence… please make this sentence more succinct.

Section 8a… there should be no “8a” if there is no “8b”.

You might want to use “PBS Pro” as the abbreviated version of “PBS Professional” rather than just “PBS”.

Thanks for the grammar suggestions @mkaro. I have addressed your comments on 5, 5a, 5b, 6, 8a/b.

The second sentence of section 6 seems okay to me. Is it unclear to you?

I’ll take a stab at section 6…

Cray provides instructions on how to assign a new boot image to nodes in publication S-2559. Follow these instructions to ensure each node needing access to PBS Pro binaries has them installed. This includes all nodes running PBS Pro services (e.g. pbs_server, pbs_mom, etc.) and those requiring access to PBS Pro commands (e.g. qsub, qstat, etc.). The configuration set from the previous step should also be included on these nodes.

smw# cnode update -i  /var/opt/cray/imps/boot_images/<image name>.cpio -c <configuration set name> <cname-of-node-to-update or group-to-update>

I also like the way it is described currently in the doc. Do you really feel strongly about it being changed?

The existing text seems harder to understand versus the proposed changes (at least to me). Perhaps @agurban has a moment to provide her opinion.

@lisa-altair and I just worked out a new version, which seems to contain the same information as the proposed text. As far as the guides are concerned, EDD text rarely goes in verbatim, so as long as the info I need is in there and is complete and accurate, that works.

Please review the latest.

5b. Seems like there is a word missing.
10. You are using “e.g.” in other places. Why use “for example” here?

Change looks good to me

Thanks for the sign off @arungrover.
@mkaro thank you for your input. The word “be” is missing from 5b, but the meaning is still clear, so I think it is ok. Yes, I am using both ‘e.g’. and ‘for example’, I think that is ok.

Response acknowledged.

I added some information about a module file for PBS Professional