Install PBS Pro on Rocks Cluster

Hi Everyone,

I installed PBS pro osp on a single node Centos7 machine from the source code and it worked well.
This time, I’m trying to Install PBS Pro on Rocks Cluster, but I meet many problems.
I have a Rocks cluster with Rocks 6.1.1 on top of CENTOS 6.7 OS. With Rocks, Centos 7 is not supported.
First, I cannot used the compiled RPM which is built to CEntos7. I have to use the source code. But during the installation , it dependency newer version of automake and autoconf. I have use rpm -Uvf to force upgrade these two rpm regardless the dependency, because to upgrade the whole dependency chain without yum support is a nightmare.
Anyway, I finished the compiling and installed the pbs pro on the head node. My first question is there tested instruction of how to install pbs osp on CENTOS 6?

Then I meet another problem, how to install and configure pbs, like MON on compute nodes. The instruction from altar doesn’t work because I don’t have a compile installation package can be used for the compute nodes.

Could any one give me a tip or instruction?



Hi Mikehuang,
Yes pbspro is supported on CENTOS 6 and 7.
I have to go through youtube tutotrials of “Rocks cluster” to understand your problem as i wasn’t aware of this distribution. You can build rpm using steps given at this page

Once the rpm’s ready you just need to install pbspro-execution-<pbs_version>-0.x86_64.rpm on compute nodes. This will install mom daemon services on compute node, which could response to PBS server on head node once they are added to pbs server.

Let me know if you face any issues.


Hi Dilip,

The how to build rpm instruction is very useful. It’s the first time I read it.

Now PBS pro is running on all compute nodes. I used a different way. I run “make install” in the source directory on all compute nodes to install pbs pro.

Thanks for your help