Qdel optimization for a huge number of jobs

Hi all,

I would like to post the discussion for qdel operation on more number of jobs in an optimized way.

Design link: https://openpbs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/2184544264/Qdel+optimization+for+a+huge+number+of+jobs

Please share your thoughts,


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@bremanandjk Can you please update design with why we need new IFL API, new batch_deljob_status struct and new batch request, also add it’s details like what will be in batch_deljob_status or what is being send in new batch request to server etc…

Typo in design: “second argument takes the comma separated jobs list as the input”

Just a thought:
Since we are creating new IFL API should we make use of NULL terminated array of string instead comma separated long string (aka char ** instead char *) in 2nd argument.

Thanks for your suggestions, I have updated the design as per the new IFL signature where it accepts a NULL-terminated array of job ids.

Have a further look. Thanks