Qsub -I no longer works

I can submit a job using a script, but if I try and run an interactive job, it just hangs. The system is free, no other jobs are running, so it is not a matter of resources. Just hangs and never produces a prompt. What should I check for? Thanks.

Please check:

  1. DNS issues (forward and reverse address resolution)
  2. firewall
  3. SELinux

Please browse this discussion: Interactive Job errors out with 'apparently deleted'

Well, a co-worker discovered the problem and offlined compute-0-0. Doesn’t explain why we could submit a job and it would run, but not perform an interactive job. Thanks.

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I am experiencing interactive job submission.

qsub -I

Submit the jobs, then deletes it. Everything was working until a power failure Friday.
We brought everything back up. I can submit a batch job, but not an interactive job.

I also found this in the server log, I removed the ip info:

req_reject;Reject reply code=15139, aux=0, type=8,

Please check

  1. Firewall
  2. Please check DNS for forward and reverse address resolution
  3. Please check this debug method
    Interactive Job errors out with 'apparently deleted'
  4. Use the full path of the qsub , if in case you have multiple WLM’s
    /opt/pbs/bin/qsub -I (capital I for ice )
  5. Share the tracejob of the interactive job id