Question about PCPUS value different

I’m just setting up PBS for the first time. using list node I see a difference in the pcpus value on my two machines. They are exactly the same systems with all 35 cores showing in the linux OS (CentOS 7.2),What does the pcpus value mean and would there be a reason why one node shows only 1? Both systems have the following value in their pbs.conf file PBS_CORE_LIMIT=unlimited

pcpus = 35
resources_available.ncpus = 35

pcpus = 1
resources_available.ncpus = 35

pcpus : The number of physical CPUs on the vnode.

PBS_CORE_LIMIT=unlimited : Limit on corefile size for PBS daemons. Can be set to an integer number of bytes or to the string “unlimited”.

However , pcpus is Deprecated. : The number of physical CPUs on this vnode. This is set to the number of CPUs available when MoM starts. For a multiple-vnode MoM, only the natural vnode has pcpus.

Please refer this documentation: