Routing queue for other queue

Want to create queue for job submission, this queue should act like holding queue for other queue. If job get finished from any other queue from server then this queue send queued job to that execution queue.

Thanks in advance

Routing queues channel the jobs into respective execution queues based on the conditions and not based on the load on the execution queues. Say for example, if the cpu request is between 5 and 10 channel jobs to queueA, if the cpu request is between 11 and 20 channel jobs to queueB and so on.

Also, you can look into Peer scheduling between queues, queue limits

Could you please let us know reason behind such a configuration ?

Dear Adarsh,
On one server I have multiple queues so what i want, Let users to submit job in holding queue and once resources get available on one of the execution queue then job will get submit to that queue.
And all execution queue have same cpu request channel.


PBS Pro does this by default by having only one queue. Jobs will be sent to the nodes for execution based on the request / resource matching , rest of the jobs will be in the queue. Queue is kind of a container to hold jobs until they are ready/eligible to be run.

Routing queue as you know , it is to route job (based on the job requests ) to different queues. For e.g.,
if ncpus/resource request is between 1 - 10 , then route it Q1
if ncpus/resource request is between 11 - 20 , then route it Q2
if ncpus/resrouce request is between 21 - 30 , then route it Q3

You mentioned that there are multiple queues, are these queues assigned to different kind of nodes or resources in your cluster. What is the reason behind having these multiple queues ?

You could just have one execution queue and it would suffice this request (but without multiple execution queues)

Thank you