Sched_logs performance impact

I am wondering if enabling sched_logs can cause performance problems?
We’re using log_filter: 3328, we have about 40k Queued jobs all othe time.


log_filter: 3328 is the default logging . This should not affect the performance of the scheduler, unless the logs being written to is not on a slow network share ($PBS_HOME/sched_logs/), but on a local disk (preferably SSDs ) . If they are on a slow network share, then you can symbolic link the logs folder to local disks , you could have access to these logs even when there is a issue with the network share (if in case used and that represents your case)

Please correct me otherwise, if your experience is different.

our logs are on an NFS drive and we are seeing slowness in our filers, however it seems that the performance does not change if I disable the sched logs all together (server logs are still enabled)