Sched_out error message


i set fairshare_usage_res on cput and i see its not working at all.
i aslo see that there is file sched_out the all the time print KeyError: ‘FORMANS
maybe my database curropted?

Please share your sched_config file

The scheduler doesn’t talk to the database directly. It talks via the server. Nothing in the sched_out or sched_log would mean your database is corrupt. That would come from the server log.

In any case, that message probably means you have an issue with your job_sort_formula. You probably see a message in your sched log that the formula failed and set the value to 0. The first step to fix this is to just unset the formula and then set it back to the same thing. If that doesn’t help, then something in your formula isn’t right. We try and catch all formula errors when it is set, but something might be missed.

The problem you are seeing with fairshare is that unless your job_sort_formula contains fairshare, the job_sort_formula pretty much overrides fairshare. The scheduler has an ordered sort key order. A key farther down the list is only used if two jobs have equal value of a previous one. This means unless your job_sort_formula values are equal, fairshare isn’t even evaluated (unless of course fairshare is in the formula as I mentioned above).

thank you very much for your detailed answer.
its probably was the issue i just recreate sched_config from scratch and it fix the issue.
Thank yo very much!