Set maximum wait time

Is it possible to set maximum waittime for specific queue for jobs?

No, there is no such configuration to set maximum waittime for specific jobs.

  • you might have a server periodic hook monitoring the waittime of the jobs by periodic query once in a while.

If you could share the idea behind the requirement, the community members might share their solutions or directions.

@bhushan27 I don’t understand what you mean by max wait time for a queue. What do you want to happen after the job reaches its max wait time?

If you want a job to gradually grow in priority as it waits longer, consider using eligible_time in the job_sort_formula. As it grows, the job will grow in priority.

How if you meant a max walltime, look at resources_max.walltime.


I think above solution suggested by @bhroam is somthing I can implement.

Thank you for solution.