Slurm to PBS scripts conversation

We would like to find one easy way to convert slurm script to PBS scripts but no luck with it.
Slurm has wrappers available for the mpiexec, pbsnodes, qdel, qhold, qrls, qstat, and qsub commands.
Is there any similar wrapper in PBS to help user easily convert slurm to pbs?


This might help :

Thanks @adarsh.
we saw links of converting pbs to slurm but little info/tools for converting pbs to slurm.

Hello @liuxiaopiao,

Unfortunately, a quick search didn’t identify any solutions for this. There is a very old script called nqs2pbs that still gets distributed with PBS Pro. I rather doubt it’s seen much use in the past 15 years, but it’s analogous to what you’re looking for. If I were to write a conversion tool today, I’d likely favor Python over Bourne shell. I would encourage you to file a ticket requesting this functionality here:



Thanks @mkaro a lot for this info.
The nqs2pbs is analogous to what I am looking for. We would like to find one tool maybe named slurm2pbs.

Filed one ticket to track this.

Thank you for filing @liuxiaopiao!